Templestay: یک تجربه بی نظیر در کره

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Have you ever dreamed of getting away from your busy lives? Do you want to know how to really love yourself, and listen to your heart? Then how about experiencing something special? One of them would be “Templestay” in which you can experience Korean traditional culture in Korea.

Templestay literally means “staying at a temple” for two days. Interest in the Templestay experience has recently spiked thanks to certain celebrities, including BTS’ RM, visiting the Bulguksa Temple.

With Templestay, you can experience a day of Buddhist monks – for instance, meditation, “108 bae” (108 prostrations) and early morning “Yebul” (Buddhist ceremony). You will have a rare opportunity to discover yourself as you are, which has been forgotten in your busy daily lives, at a temple in the remote mountain. You may also gain wisdom of life during a conversation with a monk over a cup of tea.

In addition, you can enjoy other popular hands-on experience programs at the ITE for free that can be experienced only during the Templestay. They include making a lotus lantern, Buddhist prayer beads, and traditional patterned coasters.

The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism will attend the 33rd International Travel Expo (ITE) that will take place from June 13th to 16th in Hong Kong. The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism, which runs the Templestay program, will provide all information there, including specialized programs operated in English for international participants.

Buddhism says, “everything that lives is happy.” If you would like to embrace yourself as you are, please do not miss this opportunity to learn about Templestay in Hong Kong.

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