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هتل کنکورد اپرا پاریس برنده اجلاس جهانی گرین گلوب 2011 است

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greenglobecertification com_27
نوشته شده توسط سردبیر

LOS ANGELES, CA – Green Globe Certification today announced, Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris has won the bid to host the Green Globe 2011 World Summit.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Green Globe Certification today announced, Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris has won the bid to host the Green Globe 2011 World Summit. Located in the heart of Paris, France, Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris was selected on the strength of its commitment to cultural heritage.

Mr. Guido Bauer, Green Globe Certification CEO said: “Concorde Hotel Opéra is the 5th property of the Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group to be certified, and we are excited at the opportunity to hold our World Summit at such a prestigious venue.

“Our choice of this property was for the most part based on the hotel’s commitment to sustainable operations and management as demonstrated by their certification. But just as importantly, we want our partners and other summit guests to understand that cultural heritage, the preservation and promotion of historical places and their traditions, is just as important as the conservation of natural environments.”

Mr. Bernard Granier, CEO of Concorde Hotels & Resorts commented: “We are proud that our sustainable development policy has been recognized by the certification of five of our hotels by Green Globe, and we plan to have the rest of our portfolio certified by end of 2011.

“For us, the Green Globe certification is one of the most meaningful, because it truly takes into account the social, societal, and environmental dimensions which are also the three cornerstones of our commitment. Therefore, we are proud that Concorde Opéra Paris was selected as the perfect Parisian venue for the next Green Globe World Summit.”

The Green Globe World Summit 2011 will take place from May 27 through to May 30. Green Globe Preferred Partners and their travel and tourism industry clients will discuss the latest developments in sustainability and responsible tourism. Leading experts from academia and non-government groups are also invited to present. A full schedule of presenters and sessions will be announced next month.

Bidding to host the World Summit was opened last year to Green Globe certified hotels and resorts. Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris was selected based on a range of criterion, but its status as an historical landmark dating back over 100 years was key to its success. The hotel was commissioned in 1888 and completed in time for the Paris Grand Exhibition of 1889. In recent times, restoration has been carried out, and it is now listed as an historical monument. Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris was certified Green Globe in December 2010 after an extensive independent audit by Green Globe Preferred Partner, Francois Tourisme Consultants.

Registration for the Green Globe World Summit 2011 will open January 31. All those interested in attending the World Summit, and inquiries regarding sponsorship, should contact Green Globe Certification via email at [ایمیل محافظت شده] .

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صدور گواهینامه Green Globe سیستم پایداری در سراسر جهان است که بر اساس معیارهای پذیرفته شده بین المللی برای عملکرد و مدیریت پایدار مشاغل سفر و گردشگری ساخته شده است. با مجوز جهانی کار می کند ، Green Globe Certification در کالیفرنیای آمریکا مستقر است و در بیش از 83 کشور جهان نمایندگی دارد. گرین گلوب تنها مارک صدور گواهینامه است که عضو وابسته سازمان جهانی جهانگردی سازمان ملل متحد (UNWTO) است ، بخشی از آن متعلق به شورای جهانی سفر و جهانگردی (WTTC) و عضو حاکم بر اتحاد کارائیب برای گردشگری پایدار (CAST) است شورا. برای کسب اطلاعات به سایت مراجعه کنید.


Hotel Concorde Opéra Paris confirmed its prestige as a cultural and artistic landmark on the occasion of its centennial in 1989. The hotel’s grand lobby was meticulously restored and is listed as a historical monument. Located at the heart of the “3-Parises” – major business venues and La Défense district, the greatest cultural sites, and the department stores on Boulevard Haussmann – Hotel Concorde Opéra truly enjoys a privileged location.


The Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group, a subsidiary of Groupe du Louvre, owned by Starwood Capital Group, is a collection of 25 four- and five-star luxury hotels in 19 international destinations over Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and the USA. Concorde owns, manages, or represents a portfolio of unique properties, including not only the Hotel de Crillon, Hotel Lutetia, and Hotel Concorde Opéra in Paris, but also the legendary Martinez hotel in Cannes or the Concorde Berlin in Germany. For any further information about the group and its hotels, please visit our Internet site .

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