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عاشقانه عاشقانه این بهار؟ یا به سادگی مقصدی عاری از گروه های عروسی ، نوزادانی که گریه می کنند و قید کار است؟

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

عاشقانه عاشقانه این بهار؟ یا به سادگی مقصدی عاری از گروه های عروسی ، نوزادانی که گریه می کنند و قید کار است؟

Try the singles vacation, an increasingly popular travel trend catering to the nation’s unmarried.

“The trips are social — they’re designed for travelers to meet people and make connections,” said Mark Braunstein, who crafts dream destinations for Singles Travel Service. “It’s a thousand degrees different from a dating service because you’re involved in your passion. You’re spending significant money to be at that spot and so is everyone else.”

These five getaways give new meaning to “wander lust.”

Montana (March 13 to 19)

If you’re feeling cramped in your cubicle, Big Sky, Montana, provides more than 5,000 acres of outdoor escape. Singles Travel Service invites travelers of all ages to six days of skiing, hiking and drinking hot cocoa with other guests at the Lodge. Daily breakfast is served to fuel slope outings and, of course, slope flirting.

“This trip has generated six marriages,” Braunstein said. “People who love to ski are excited to meet other people who love to ski.”

For cost, itineraries and other details, click here.

Turkey (April 7 to 18)

The sparks will fly — literally — on All Singles Travel’s featured hot air balloon rides in Turkey. After you peruse the Turkish skyline, top-rated clubs, restaurants and a guided tour await on the ground.

Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophi appeal to architecture lovers, and Göreme’s ancient rock chapels bring way-back-when flavor to modern sightseeing.

All Singles Travel representative Eric Kravitz said this trip is ideal for springtime — and budding love.

“The weather is great and dependable,” he said. “And of course, everything’s cheaper this time of year.”

Begin your adventure here.

Australia (March 29 to April 10)

Sip cocktails in Sydney. Snorkel through the Great Barrier Reef. Hand-feed a kangaroo.

Excitement in Australia brings singles together, said Ed Reder, Singles in Paradise representative.

“Every year, our women are drawn to the Australian men,” he said. “We’ve started several international flings.”

The trip begins in Sydney, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. After five days of city exploration, travelers plunge into the deep blue waters of Cairns, the “Gateway to the Barrier Reef.”

More details on this Aussie experience here.

China/Tibet (May 15 to 30)

May the Great Wall of China be your path to ever-lasting love — or at least the starting point of an unforgettable 15-day expedition.

On this trip, All Singles Travel leads you through Beijing to Tibet and every notable tourist attraction in between. Cruise the scenic Yangtze River, explore a Buddhist monastery and relax at four-star accommodations every evening.

Find out more about this Asian adventure here.

Caribbean islands (April 17 to 24)

Reality is better than TV on this “Love Boat.”

Singles 45 and up can board the Ruby Princess, which sails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the eastern Caribbean. Patrons may enjoy massages at an on-board spa before they join frequent singles dinners and cocktail parties. Multiple restaurants, activities and evening movies support eclectic tastes.

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

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