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ST. LOUIS, Missouri – “Millennials are a powerful segment of today’s travelers, and their preferences and habits will help shape the future of travel preferences going forward,” stated Kevin Kelly, President, Delaware North Parks & Resorts.

The nationwide survey, called “Meet the Millennials,” commissioned in association with Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts and conducted by Jerry Henry & Associates, shows important differences between the Millennial sample group and attractions visitors aged 30 and over.

The results of the national survey released by PGAV Destinations reveals Millennial motivations and behaviors that have significant implications for travel and tourism.

According to the study, nearly 6 in 10 Millennials (58%) say they travel for leisure with friends; nearly 20 points higher than older generations. Relationships are vital to Millennials, and they are highly influenced by others who help to select places to visit and things to do. Through social media, they tell stories to one another and make recommendations and assessments often in the form of real-time descriptions of their experiences.

With their technology acumen, Millennials make quick decisions. They plan trips in far less time (75 days) than older generations (93 days). They are adept at accessing information online, where they can search for a deal, read the reviews, book it, and go. Implications for destinations are twofold: insure messages are easy to follow, timely, and relevant; and innovate in the creation of appealing experiences with memorable moments that will be quickly shared.

This most highly educated and diverse generation has a real appetite for learning. Seventy-eight percent of this group said they prefer to learn something new when they travel. Fully 7 in 10 Millennials say they expect special places to offer immersive experiences. They look for places that are fun and entertaining (78%), and interactive and hands-on (68%).

Millennials are also good citizens. Over 77% of respondents say they believe it is essential to connect to causes that are important to them, a trait more important to them than older generations.

“Millennials are not your traditional guests,” explained Mike Konzen, Principal, PGAV Destinations, “They do not take leisure trips ‘just because,’ but are looking for something that resonates with their need to make a difference.”

Specific findings are outlined in the report along with supporting data. To read the full report, including how Millennials make decisions, contact [ایمیل محافظت شده] or visit .

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

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