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رهبر "صلح از طریق گردشگری" به عنوان صدراعظم در LIUTEBM

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STOWE ، ورمونت - سنا / هیئت امنای دانشگاه بین المللی گردشگری و مدیریت بازرگانی بین المللی لیوینگستون (LIUTEBM) لوئیس دی آمور را بنیانگذار و رئیس جمهور منصوب کرد

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

STOWE, Vermont – The Senate/Board of Trustees of Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management (LIUTEBM) has appointed Louis D’Amore, Founder and President of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) as Chancellor of LIUTEBM.

In announcing the appointment, LIUTEBM Vice Chancellor, Dr. Patrick Kaligungwa, stated, “Louis is an outstanding world personality, with international reputation and character befitting the appointment. He has contributed immensely to sustainable tourism development in Africa and other regions of the world and is a world-renowned ambassador for peace through tourism.

“He has broad knowledge in environmental stewardship, preserving biodiversity, enhancing cultures and valuing heritage, contributing to poverty reduction, and overall tourism development. He brings with him tremendous experience to the University of LIUTEBM, which will bring about more exposure, collaboration, linkages, and interaction of the students and lecturers from different environments in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe.”

The position of Chancellor is conferred on the distinguished individual from academia and/or public life, which is not resident and does not hold any position in the university.

The Chancellor presides at major ceremonies, the best known being the annual graduation ceremony for the conferment of degrees. In his capacity as Chancellor, Mr. D’Amore will focus on developing key partnering relationships with other exemplary universities and academicians.

In accepting the appointment, Mr. D’Amore stated: “I am both immensely honored and humbled by this prestigious appointment. I will contribute to the best of my abilities in supporting Dr. Kalifungwa, Vice Chancellor of the University, the faculty, and students in achieving the aim and goals of the university. I will also seek to make LIUTEBM a global academic center in the research, study, and advancement of ‘peace through tourism’ in all its dimensions.

Mr. D’Amore will continue in his full-time position as President of IIPT and in the organization of conferences and summits on peace through tourism in regions throughout the world.

For more information on IIPT, please visit: .

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

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