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Orbitz از هزینه رزرو تا ماه مه چشم پوشی می کند

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آژانس مسافرتی آنلاین Orbitz Worldwide Inc. ، در حال تلاش برای افزایش ترافیک در زمانی که فشارهای رکودی سفرهای تجاری و تفریحی را خرد کرده است ، روز سه شنبه گفت که از کتاب عادی خود چشم پوشی می کند

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

Online travel agent Orbitz Worldwide Inc., moving to boost traffic at a time when recessionary pressures have squashed business and recreational travel, said Tuesday that it will waive its normal booking fees on flights booked by May 31.

Typically, Orbitz derives revenues from two sources when its retail clients use its service to book airfares, hotel rooms and other travel services: it receives commission payments from suppliers of the airline tickets or hotel rooms, and the company also charges a “service fee” to the online customers.

The company is waiving that service fee through the end of May, however, as the travel industry lurches through the worst market in years.

چاپ دوستانه، PDF و ایمیل

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